Debugging Mirrorlist

Note: if you’re not interrested in why I wrote my check_metalink script, and just want to use it, go here . A little while ago, we were having some issues with the Fedora Project’s mirrorlist servers. A great writeup of what metalink does was written by Kevin , but the very short summary is that it tells yum/dnf what mirrors it can use, and what the checksum is for the latest version of the core repo metadata file (repomd.
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Ipsilon 1.0.0 released

Another major step for the Ipsilon project: we have just released version 1.0.0 ! This release marks the first stable release for Ipsilon, with hopefully many exciting releases to follow. I would really like to thank everyone that has contributed to the project since its start, we would not be here without them. My last post on the release of Ipsilon 0.3.0 was exactly 6 months and a day ago, and since then we have been pretty busy.
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